Together, we must fight...

The fires that rise to skies
In hearts filled with hatred
Raze to ground
The edifice of human aspiration

No people of religion
Brutes lower than animals
Only perpetrate
Such crimes against humanity

Fight we must in the way of God
But transgress not
Defeat the forces of evil
Whether in the East or the West

To participate in Jihad
For conquest of self and corrupt desires
Struggle to stop retribalization
Of humankind by war

Now is the time in our sorrow
To sow the seeds of peace
Set an example in compassion
For the world to follow

Tear veils of ignorance
That blind the vision
Dispel dark impenetrable clouds
Give up prejudice for ever

To appreciate different races
Religions, tongues, and colors
As flowers of one garden
Not to hate, but to show love

The attack is on our humanity
Together we must fight
To defeat hatred and oppression
Establish the Most Great Peace

To lay down the foundations
Of a New World Order
Based on equality and justice
Make of earth a living paradise.

ŠAnil Sarwal