Miracle Man       

Pupils listen intently
Their minds filled
With wonderment
Watch with dilated eyes
His hands
Filled with chalk dust
And contoured
In million shapes
Trying to convey
The myriad mysteries
Of life.
With little effort
He explains
The theories of
Composition and decomposition
Origin of species
From a single cell
And draws strange figures
On the blackboard
Delving deep into things
They had never thought
Needed much explanation.
As a king roams
In his kingdom
The conjurer
Soars in the world
Of knowledge
Equally excited
Flying without wings
Surveying the entire creation
No less than a God supreme.
The object now
Appears straight
When out of water
And crooked
While in the water
The concave
Becomes convex
Illusion of colours.
By a gentle look
A soft rebuke
Or a loving remark
He captures the attention
Of his unsuspecting audience
Who worship at his feet
Without question
Submissive to the hilt.
He beams
With radiance
Of language now
Asking them not to cast
The hero in their soul;
The Greek and the Latin
Legends all come alive
In his words of reason
Experience is prudence
And science sapience.
The maker of their destinies
An indelible mark
On the young minds
Moulding their character
For ever;
The conquest of mind
Over matter is complete.

Anil Sarwal
August 24, 2003