The Point of Adoration

In the Holy Land,
Where Elijah
Flew to his heavenly abode
In his chariot,
Where Moses
Promised God’s people would flourish,
Where Lord Christ
Resurrected after his crucifixion,
Where Mohammad
Stopped a while
On his flight to heavens,
This indeed
Is the point of adoration
For the denizens
Of the cities of Eternity─
The source of command
Unto all that are in heaven
And on earth.
This is the Blessed Threshold
Containing the holiest dust
The earth has ever received
In its bosom.
The Greatest Name
O Thou the Glory of Glories
‘Ya Baha’u’l Abha’
Shines forth
In ornate sun frame
Proclaiming the Sovereignty
Of the King of the Kings
On the door to the mausoleum
Containing the sacred remains
Of the Universal Manifestation of God.
Outside the pilgrims
Imbued with dreams of world unity
Tread the garden walkways
Brimming with cobblestones
With practical feet
And enter the Holy Shrine
Through arches
Acting as portals to Divine Worlds.
Peacocks spread their wings
In majestic splendour
While eagles rest a while
Before resuming their mighty flight.
Persian carpets welcome
The visitors
To the mystical domains;
Birds of paradise
Warble their celestial chant
In the splendid gardens
Surrounding the Most Holy Spot
On the face of the earth;
Occasionally breaking the silence
That penetrates the heart
And soothes the mind.
Sweet scented showers
Of holy fragrance
Greet the guests
To usher them into heavenly realms;
Candles of divine light
Shine with supernal radiance
In ornate holders
Mingling with the flora and fauna
Of the land.
Creepers grow taller
In the Inner Harem;
Fruit laden orange plants
Impregnate the surroundings
With deeper meanings.
Tears flow freely
As the pilgrims
Bow their heads
At the Holy Threshold
Where rests the Beloved
Of their hearts;
While concourse on High
And souls of Messengers
Circumambulate the Shrine
Of the Holiest of the Holies outside.
Their prayers having been offered
To their hearts content
The visitors receive
The heavenly manna
From the hands
Of the pure hearted souls
Serving as volunteers
From all parts of the world
And take back
Eternal blessings
For their loved ones
In shape of the rose petals
While unwillingly parting
From the hallowed spot.

©Anil Sarwal
May 2, 2003
Haifa, Israel.