An Editorial from Bah' Sikkim

On Prayer

We all pray to God. Prayer is the only way of communing with God. The joy, the peace and happiness which we get while praying cannot be expressed in words. Bah'u'llh has revealed an inexhaustible treasure of prayers for us. There are prayers all for occasions, prayers to be recited at the time of morning, evening, dawn, noon, marriage, and journey etc. There are prayers for children parents, youths and the sick Also there are three obligatory prayers. The short obligatory prayer is to be recited at the noon time every day. Bah'u'llh has explained that priceless bounties are showered on those who pray. He says, "whose opened his lips in this Day and markets mention of the name of his lord, the hosts of Divine inspiration shall descend upon him from the heaven of My name, the All Knowing, the All-Wise. On him shall also descent the Concourse on high, each bearing aloft a chalice of pure light. Thus hath it been foreordained in the realm of God's revelation....". May we never forget to make use of such a precious gift.

  Prof. Anil Sarwal