An Editorial from Bahá'í Sikkim

Converting Dreams Into Realities

The attainment of any object is conditioned upon knowledge, volition and action. In order that we may create a better world, we must first of all acquire the right kind of knowledge. Since many of our habits and natural tendencies may be more in harmony with the old world order, we have to make a conscious effort to gain a new and better knowledge and then apply it with full force. The Blessed Beauty Baha'u'llah has given us the knowledge of God's purpose for man. It is to know God and to love Him. Further we have been created to carry forward an ever advancing civilization; so that our purpose in life is to acquire virtues. Our lives should be spent in promoting the oneness and welfare of mankind. Thus, armed with a conscious knowledge of God's purpose for man, now, it is possible for us to take a positive and active role in developing our spiritual destinies.

However, whatever we know must be manifested only as a result of our own volition. Will is the center or focus of human understanding. It is a great power to have a strong will, but a greater power to give it to God. Will is what we do, understanding is what we know. Will and understanding must be one in the path of God. Following are some of tangible manifestations of the will at work :  

First of all, we must set the goals in high resolves and noble purposes, in integrity and moral quality. The lack of goals prelude's fighting our own spiritual battles, ultimately frustrating God's purpose for man.

The second is to form habits which are in harmony with this goal, but it has to be done with constant practice and patience. Endeavourer, ceaseless endeavourer is required to refuse the dictates of our evil passions and corrupt desires. It is a significant manifestation of volition. This capacity to resist temptation only distinguishes a man from animal. In this way volition-will-is needed if we are to direct our lives in a way that will enable us to acquire virtues and to create a better world.

The last and most important requisite for attainment of any object is action. After setting the goals and preparing ways and means to achieve them, we must strive ahead to attain them. "The wrong in the world exists just because people talk only of their ideals but do not strive to put them into practice." Therefore it is necessary that we must bring ourselves to account every day as to what his been achieved. All our efforts and energy should be concentrated on our goal or in other words, we must act in accordance with the God's purpose for man. We must individually on our own pray and fight our own spiritual battles. That if we do, it will help us to grow. Action should also be free from indulgence and hypocrisy.

© Prof. Anil Sarwal