A Page from the Quarterly Bulletin of the
Continental Board of Counsellors in Central Asia
NO : 3, July-September 1978.

(For distribution among the Auxiliary Board members in South Central Asia
 only and for the members of the National Assemblies for  their information.)



On 27th January, a young man from Chandigarh arrived here leaving his family, and career behind for the love of Bah'u'llh. He chose Sikkim and he has already fallen in live with our people. His name is Anil Sarwal, aged 23. It is amazing that one so young in age and one who has accepted the faith of Bah'u'llh only in 1974 could be so deep in the knowledge of our faith. This only goes to prove that when the soul is pure, Bah'u'llh will pick his soldiers for His service Anil has come as an Auxiliary Board Member appointed by our beloved Counselors. Friends, for years we have been waiting for a spiritual giant to guide and help us in the fulfillment of the five year Plan given to us by the Universal House of Justice. We now have a friend and guide, so let us arise to join shoulder to shoulder with this noble soul and complete the plan at its earliest. The National Spiritual Assembly will be meeting with Anil frequently and will draw out teaching plans for all Spiritual Assemblies we also now have two traveling teachers, Mr. Khare and Mr. Jagdish who have been traveling a great deal in the past two months and have been responsible for forming ten Spiritual Assemblies in an entirely new area of Rongli.