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Welcome to the land of the Lotus and greetings from Sarwals, in Chandigarh, India.  Here are some experiences and thoughts inspired by all the major religions of the world, especially Hinduism and the Bahá'í Faith.  You are very welcome.


On the top here by clicking on different menus, you can read the book Miracles in Religion, or poems, newspaper write-ups and Bahá'í articles. You can also get some information on our family and its background. 


     The book Miracles in Religion offers insights on the purpose of religion, experiences of Himalayan  masters, worship of gods and goddesses, idol worship, psychic phenomena, prayer, meditation, fasting and much more.

    So have a good time and enjoy yourself while you surf.

Humankind: Flowers of One Garden

"The well-being of mankind, its peace and security, are unattainable
unless and until its unity is firmly established."  --


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